Gravity-Defying Photos of People Falling Calmly

We've seen our fair share of gravity-defying photography, but we're not so sure we've ever viewed a series with subjects so calm while only a few inches away from impact with the ground. These perplexing images by Prague-based English teacher and clever photographer Brad Hammonds leaves viewers questioning just how he's able to remain so composed without even a hint of a wince or flinch at the prospect of hitting a hard ground within a fraction of a second.

Hammonds exhibits a remarkable calmness (especially in his relaxed facial features) in his series, titled Falling Through Space, which is meant to reflect “emotional delay.” The photographer says, “The theme of these photos centers around how one can never truly experience the full sensations of any moment until it has already passed.” He adds, “When a viewer sees one of my images and questions my safety and ability to appear so calm, I feel satisfied that my goal has been met.” Hammonds doesn't divulge all of his photographic secrets in accomplishing the gravity-defying images, but insists that planning and preparation are key to his process.

Brad Hammonds on Flickr
via [Daily Mail]

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