Hilarious 6-Second Stop-Motion Vine Videos by Brock Davis

Choking Peach

Minneapolis-based artist Brock Davis creates hilarious and imaginative 6-second videos on the Vine app. His stop-motion animations give new life to inanimate objects that playfully anthropomorphize them. Each clever video is also accompanied by an equally witty titled that together creates whimsically visual puns.

Davis' looping videos have a great sense of humor that revolve around inanimate objects coming to life in an unexpected way. Whether an onion brings itself to tears or a peach is choking on its own pit, Davis finds fun ways to see ordinary things in extraordinary and unusual ways. Instead of a worm burrowing a hole into an apple, the creative artist features the stem of the apple wiggling its body over to the fruit.

Cherry Bomb

Crying Onion

Apple Stem

Mint Match

Paper Towel Smokestack

Onion Rain

Popcorn Kernel in Thought


Paper Plane

Hungry Sofa

Banana Phone

Brock Davis website
via [etoday]

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