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Photographer Dramatically Documents Rapidly Melting Glaciers

Photographer Camille Seaman has dedicated more than a decade of her career to capturing the fragile, rapidly changing landscapes of Polar Regions including Antarctica, Greenland, and Svalbard. From 2006 through 2010, the American photographer produced Terminus: The Face of Change, as a way to document the melting glaciers in what she describes as “the ‘end of the road’ for the glacial face.”

The series includes broad landscapes as well as closely cropped compositions that produce a confusing sense of scale. Without any points of reference, it’s difficult to determine the actual size of some of the close-up, abstract formations.

The beautifully expressive photographs raise an awareness of specific regions of the earth that we do not always get to see. Seaman translates the unstable future of the shifting landscape into beautifully solemn reflections about preserving our planet. She says, “Uncomfortable, inevitable change comes whether we like it or not. Maybe it isn’t always pretty or graceful but it always leads to something new.”

Camille Seaman’s website
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