December 25, 2020

House-Shaped House Is Designed as a Playful Getaway in a Secluded Forest

The “house-shaped house” concept is a recent architectural trend that is always fun to see. Architect Alex Nerovyna accentuates this playful move with a thick white border around the entire front façade of York House, a three-story home hidden in a remote forest. The resulting building looks like a simple house sketch extruded to create the perfect blend of elegance and playfulness.

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December 14, 2020

Architects Design Brilliantly Colorful Domed Village on Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island sits south of Iran in the Persian Gulf and is often called “rainbow island” in reference to the multicolored sand that makes it a popular tourist spot. In an effort to reflect the colorful landscape and topography, ZAV Architects has designed a small settlement comprising multicolor domes that overlap in interesting combinations to create homes and cultural programs such as laundry services, praying areas, and a café.

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December 2, 2018

How Frank Lloyd Wright’s ‘Fallingwater’ Home Changed Architecture Forever

Today, Frank Lloyd Wright is regarded as one of American architecture's most influential figures. During his decades-long career as an architect and interior designer, Wright perfected a prolific number of designs, with his iconic Fallingwater at the forefront. Wright described this 1930s home as “one of the great blessings to be experienced here on earth.” Inspired by the architect's desire to integrate human-made structures into the natural world, Fallingwater typifies organic architecture.

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August 27, 2018

The 10 Most Wish-Listed Airbnb Homes Around the World

Perusing Airbnb can be a risky prospect, if you’re prone to intense feelings of wanderlust. After all, the site boasts some of the most beautiful homes, and their “wish list” feature allows you to plan entire jaunts across the globe as you stay in different—and equally stunning—locales. If you’ve ever found yourself exploring the amenities of a beach-front property or figuring out airfare for a desert vacation, know that you’re far from alone.

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