March 8, 2022

Contemporary Getaway Inspired the Humble Beauty of the Farmhouse Barn

A family commissioned their barn-inspired dream home for weekend retreats with their horses in Pullenvale, Australia. Designed by Paul Uhlmann Architect, The Barn is a 412 square meter, or 4,400 square feet, estate defined by beautiful interiors and high ceilings. Though the architecture is contemporary, it's inspired by buildings found in rural settings. Structural timber is used to support the tall ceiling and to frame views of the land.

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December 24, 2021

Mirrored Cabin Reflects the Surrounding Landscape to Perfectly Blend in With Scenery

Located in the slopes of Mexico's Los Picachos highlands is Casa Etérea, a serene off-grid home that combines aesthetics with sustainable design. The mirrored façade of the building allows it to disappear into the terrain, creating the impression that the structure was “birthed from the mountain itself.” Interestingly, the creator of this work is not a licensed architect and nor are his six collaborators.

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July 17, 2021

Unique Home Concept Outfitted With a Green Roof to Blend In With Forests of Switzerland

Iranian architect Milad Eshtiyaghi creates wonderful concepts for unique contemporary homes. He often uses interesting landscapes as the backdrop for sculptural architectural works. His latest concept is called Landscape House and it acts as a continuation of the varied surfaces of the mountainous forests of Switzerland. True to its name, Landscape House seems to emerge from the forest floor in two sweeping white volumes.

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April 15, 2021

Homeowners Remove Old Floor and Discover Giant Hand-Painted Monopoly Board Underneath

From dated tiles to antique windows, many old houses have unusual features that tell their history. However, some of these characteristics remain hidden until the new residents decide to make some home improvements. Redditor Yamaha234 recently shared a now-viral photo of what his in-laws found after they ripped up old carpet in their home. They discovered a giant Monopoly board painted underneath. The room-sized Monopoly board is based on the classic U.S.

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