November 18, 2023

Architecture Firm Builds Organically Shaped Offices in the Heart of the Mayan Jungle

Nestled outside of Tulum, Mexico— in the heart of the Mayan jungle—Roth Architecture created an organically shaped office and maker space. Using concrete and palm fiber, the pod-like structures embrace their natural surroundings with curves that hug trees or bring their trunks into the interior. In this way, the office and FabLab form an organic hub for the Azulik City of Arts.

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November 11, 2023

Proposal For Seoul’s Newest Performing Arts Center Is Made Up of Five Futuristic Buildings

Melike Altınışık Architects (MAA) is one of five firms that were shortlisted in the hopes of designing Seoul's 2nd Sejong Cultural Center for Performing Arts. The firm's proposal, which was made in collaboration with BAUM Architects and Aliveus Landscape, is called The Spark and consists of five buildings that form a unified hub.

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October 29, 2023

YouTuber Shares What It’s Like to Live in a 90-Sq Ft Japanese Micro-Apartment

Tiny living looks increasingly like one of the easiest ways to fix the housing crisis in the largest cities in the world—especially those with particularly high costs of living. But how tiny is too tiny? YouTuber Cash Jordan, known for his expertise in rentals around the world, rented a 90-square foot apartment in Osaka, Japan, and documented his experience to ponder whether he could see in a space like that in the long run.

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October 19, 2023

Woman Gains Financial Freedom by Moving Into Backyard Tiny Home and Renting Out Main House [Interview]

A woman named Precious Price is a force of nature. As a digital marketing expert, she helped brands with their content strategy. And when she was able to purchase her first home, she transformed it into a career-changing investment. When Price was just 25 years old, she took advantage of extra space in her Atlanta backyard and constructed a 300-square-foot tiny home.

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