September 18, 2023

JR Transforms Paris Opera House Into Ancient Platonic Cave

French artist JR continues transforming famous sites into stunning illusions with an installation at Paris' famed opera house. The façade of Palais Garnier was turned into a stage for all to enjoy. Over the course of four evenings, lyrical performances and dance related to the opera were projected onto the installation. This is the first of two consecutive installations that the Paris Opera has commissioned from the well-respected artist.

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September 5, 2023

Artist Duo Shoot 10,000 Volts of Electricity Through a Pieces of Wood To Create Their Striking Designs

Out in the wild, electricity gives us epic thunderstorms that have inspired artists and marveled scientists. But now, two creators have found a unique way to turn the power of lightning into statement pieces for the home. Drawing from the principle of Lichtenberg figures, Nick and Kat from Wildflower Designs create intricate wood coasters, cheese boards, and, even a table decorated with river-like patterns produced by electricity.

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August 31, 2023

150-Foot Sculpture of a Pink Rabbit Lies Down in Front of Indonesia’s Prambanan Temple

American artist KAWS has installed one of his iconic characters in yet another scenic setting as part of the KAWS:HOLIDAY journey. Large-scale sculptures of his characters have already traveled to cities like Hong Kong, Melbourne, Singapore, and Bristol. But now, KAWS has conquered a UNESCO World Heritage Site with his installation at Indonesia's Prambanan Temple.

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