September 11, 2020

Artist Updates Disney Princess Dresses With Dazzlingly Modern Designs

Artist Marta Sánchez García is giving Disney princesses the gift of a new wardrobe. She draws iconic animated belles, like Cinderella and Princess Jasmine, wearing new clothing designs that match each character's unique personality and style. “I based the princesses' gown redesigns on dolls that Disney launched recently, specifically their Midnight Masquerade Collection,” García says.

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May 7, 2014

Fantastical Illustrations of Dreamy Worlds by Diana Sudyka

Chicago-based illustrator Diana Sudyka paints folk-inspired works that feature her subjects in the great outdoors. Her elegant images are partially silhouetted, and she uses their solid coloring as a stage for the beautifully-drawn patterning and details that adorn their bodies. Sudyka wraps them in branches and leaves, dots them with stars, and introduces them to the ghostly animals who are scampering by.

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December 24, 2012

Amazing Illustrations Etched Into Mushrooms

Boston-based artist Corey Corcoran is inspired by quite the unusual canvas. Using Artist Conk mushrooms (also called Ganoderma applanatum) he carves intricate designs and stories onto the surface of this soft fungi. Much of his work draws inspiration from nature and organic forms, and this project is no exception. Each little canvas ranges in size from 6 to 24 inches wide.

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