Oil Painting

June 21, 2021

Surreal Oil Paintings Reimagines Animals Merged With Plant Life

Plants and animals work harmoniously together every day to create a beautiful ecosystem. Although the beauty of this relationship often escapes our attention, Los Angeles-based artist Jon Ching brings it to the forefront with his striking, yet beguiling series of oil paintings. Each of these fantastical pieces combines species of flora and fauna in unique hybrids that the artist fondly refers to as “flauna.

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April 11, 2021

Painter Uses Geometric Shapes To Create Colorful Fragmentations of the Human Form

Russian artist Georgy Kurasov creates abstract paintings of women that vibrate with energy and color. These dynamic pictures are reminiscent of images seen through a kaleidoscope as each cool-faced figure is rendered using an array of saturated geometric shapes. Originally trained as a sculptor, Kursaov continues to explore form in his painting practice. Although some mistake his style for Cubism, the artist actually adheres to the philosophy and aesthetics of neo-Constructivism.

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March 31, 2021

Surreal Paintings of Birds Evoke the Mysteries Always Present in the Natural World

Self-taught artist Josie Morway immortalizes different species of birds in hyper-realistic portraits. She uses traditional oil painting techniques and dramatic iconography to envelope each creature in a mystical setting that borders on the surreal. Based in Boston, Morway's practice explores the vulnerability and resilience of nature—especially as it relates to people and industrialization.

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March 9, 2021

Finger Painting Artist Celebrates Beguiling Beauty of the Desert Sky à la ‘Starry Night’

Throughout her career, artist Iris Scott has proven that finger painting isn’t just for kids. Opting for her digits instead of a paintbrush, her large-scale pieces offer an incredible and intimate look into how she sees the world: one that is full of color, texture, and energy. This is encapsulated in her latest painting called Sage and Time.

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