January 25, 2024

NASA Shares Photo of Distant Galaxies That Look Like a Penguin and an Egg

Stargazers can find constellations in all kinds of shapes in the sky. However, it takes a special eye–or rather, an advanced telescope—to find shapes in distant galaxies. NASA recently shared a photo originally taken in 2018 by the Spitzer and Hubble space telescopes which captures interacting galaxies Arp 142. Rather than being amorphous, these faraway worlds look amazingly like a penguin and an egg.

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December 20, 2023

JWST Releases Photo of a Bright Ringed Uranus in Time for the Holidays

Once again, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) brings the wonders of space closer to our eyes with a detailed look at Uranus. The new image, which captures the inner and outer rings of the ice giant, was released just before the holidays. Rather than the solid blue planet we normally associate with Uranus, this stunning photo reveals the brilliance of its rings and ice, only visible in infrared light.

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December 3, 2023

Breathtaking Timelapse Captures How the Sun Looks During Intense Solar Storms

Solar storms are one of the most fascinating astronomical events. These magnetic eruptions remind us that the surface of our sun is anything but static. It is also thanks to this phenomenon that we get to experience the Northern Lights. A few weeks ago, Miguel Claro, a Portugal-based astrophotographer, captured the sun as it approached its maximum activity in its 11-year solar cycle.

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