January 21, 2023

Artist Fills Sketchbooks With Charming Doodles That Sprawl Across Each Page

While some use sketchbooks as a way to jot down quick ideas on the go, others like Mattias Adolfsson create full-fledged works of art. The Swedish artist is known for filling his many Moleskine notebooks with imaginative drawings of people, animals, buildings, and everything in between. These sprawling doodles showcase his ability to transform a blank page into a whimsical world.

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January 15, 2023

People and Places Become One in Mesmerizing Portraits Drawn on Maps

Whether you're from a city or a small coastal town, the location of your home has a major impact on your life. Artist Ed Fairburn highlights the relationship between people and places through his ongoing series of drawings made on vintage maps. He uses his masterful skills to merge human portraits with the existing layout of towns and cities, seamlessly expressing the way in which our environment shapes who we are.

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January 11, 2023

Artist Fills Sketchbooks With Dreamy Pastel Portraits

Opening an artist's sketchbook reveals a lot about their aesthetics and personal vision. For France-based artist Sim Sim, her small hard-cover sketchbooks contain romantic portraits of figures in urban settings. Using pastel and sometimes charcoal, she softly blends colors and different shades to achieve a tender depiction of people living in a moment in time. Each of these velvety illustrations encompasses an entire page of the sketchbook.

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January 5, 2023

Artist Recreates His Own Work With an AI Art Generator

Within the last year, AI-generated artwork has had a major impact on the art world. Even with all of the varied results we've seen, there's likely going to be even more innovation and controversy on the horizon. Finland-based artist Antti Karppinen showcases some of the possibilities of AI art generators—creating new art based on his own photography. “In one year, AI developed so much,” Karppinen explains to My Modern Met.

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