June 27, 2023

Vincent van Gogh’s Life Illustrated in His Imaginative Style of Swirling Colors

Few artists have a style that is as instantly recognizable as Vincent van Gogh‘s iconic aesthetic. With his vibrant color palette and expressive, swirling brushstrokes, it's almost impossible to confuse the Dutch painter's art for another's work. Cartoonist and illustrator Alireza Karimi Moghaddam honors Van Gogh's legacy by creating enchanting illustrations inspired by his art and life. Over the years, this series has gone through many transformations.

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May 31, 2023

Illustrator Shares Her Top Drawing Tips (And Two Things to Avoid)

Drawing is a practice that’s all your own, but it’s always valuable to get tips from the pros. After all, they’ve gone through hours upon hours of putting pencil to paper and have learned helpful tips and tricks along the way. Illustrator and My Modern Met contributing writer Margherita Cole is a prolific drawer who has shared with us her top suggestions as well as a couple of pitfalls you’ll want to avoid.

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May 13, 2023

All of the Original Illustrations From Charles Dickens’ Novels Are Available To View Online

Few authors are as world-renowned as Charles Dickens. From Oliver Twist to A Tale of Two Cities, the 19th-century writer produced some of the most acclaimed novels that are still widely read and studied today. And while his work is now enjoyed in book form, it's not how his stories were appreciated during the Victorian era. Instead, Dickens' works were published in serialized installments, ranging from weekly to monthly. Accompanying his stories were detailed illustrations.

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