April 16, 2024

4 Online Drawing Classes for Artists of All Skill Levels

Putting pen or pencil to paper is an artistic tradition dating back centuries. Of course, nowadays, many people also prefer to work digitally, but the principles of drawing remain the same. Whatever method you choose, drawing is an incredibly fulfilling and relaxing creative outlet. As with any skill, it's also a journey. That's why My Modern Met Academy has a host of online drawing courses to meet you where you are in that journey.

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March 12, 2024

This Book Is a Step-By-Step Guide To Creating Stunning Architectural Illustrations Like a Pro

Self-taught artist and illustrator Demi Lang teaches the most popular class at My Modern Met Academy, Architectural Illustration for Everyone. In it, she takes students along with her as she completes an illustration using colored pencils and ink. Now, she's revealing even more of her tips and tricks in her book, Drawing and Illustrating Architecture. This step-by-step guide includes over 200 pages of instruction that will allow anyone to learn architectural illustration.

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March 2, 2024

Illuminating Architecture Drawings Feature Gorgeous Glowing Windows

There is nothing quite as magical as seeing a city come alive at night. This experience is precisely what Nikita Busyak captures in his ongoing glowing city sketch series. Busyak draws beautiful cityscape scenes with Micron pens, using precise linework and shading techniques, before digitally modifying the drawings by filling them in with light.

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January 15, 2024

How a 17th-Century Book of Plants Changed Botanical Illustration Forever

Today, when we come across a beautiful garden or field of flowers, our first instinct is to take out our phone and take a picture. However, before cameras, recording plant life was a much more intensive process. Botanical art—the practice of depicting the form, color, and details of plant life—can be traced back to 70 CE. However, it was a book published in the early 17th century that forever changed this art form.

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