April 23, 2024

Incredible Urban Sketches Celebrate the Historical Architecture of Paris

Inspired by the light, color, shapes, and texture of the world around him, artist Stephen Travers creates stunning urban sketches. The Australian artist is particularly fascinated by Paris, with many of his sketches capturing the city's charm. Using pen and ink, he expertly captures the architectural environment. Interestingly, Travers began his artistic journey as an adult, first creating oil paintings of Australian wildlife and nature.

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March 6, 2024

3 Basic Shading Techniques to Elevate Your Drawings

When creating a drawing, there are various methods one can use to create volume or light and shadow. This includes several different shading techniques outlined in My Modern Met Academy's beginner course, Drawing 101: Learn the Building Blocks of Sketching. In this online class, illustrator Margherita Cole equips students with everything they need to know to embark on their sketching journey. And this includes several different shading techniques.

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February 14, 2024

Incredible Ballpoint Drawings Breathe New Life Into Vintage Envelopes, Maps, and More

Artist Mark Powell’s talent with a ballpoint pen is unquestionable. When the Brighton-based creative picks up a Bic Biro pen—his chosen instrument—he breathes new life into anything he draws on. And as skilled as Powell is with a pen, one of the most striking things about his sketches are his canvases of choice—a variety of unconventional, vintage surfaces.

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