October 19, 2017

Neil Patrick Harris Wins Halloween with the Cutest Family Costumes

When it comes to creative family Halloween costume ideas, actor Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable brood have everyone else beat. Together with his husband, David Burtka, and their twins, Gideon and Harper, they participate in group ensembles that are both delightfully imaginative and impeccably styled. The gang started dressing up when the kids were very young in 2011, and each year they seem to have more fun than the last.

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October 8, 2017

Bob Dylan’s Discography Available Online in One 55-Hour Playlist of 763 Tracks

Bob Dylan has had a musical career that has spanned half a century. Considered one of the most influential American rock and roll musicians, his contributions to the field are profound. They’ve inspired not only fellow music lovers, but even politicians; former U.S. president Jimmy Carter has famously quoted Dylan in his speeches. All these years later, Dylan's influence has not waned; his lyrics and writing ability continue to be well-regarded today.

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October 3, 2017

People Are Transforming Themselves into the Terrifying “It Clown” for Halloween 2017

Every year at Halloween, there is some facet of pop culture that is seemingly everywhere and at every party. Last year, the focus was on the candidates in the U.S. election. This year, the trend is still spooky, albeit more classically scary: Pennywise the clown from the It remake. The mysterious evil being is sure to make you quiver with fear, and that’s even before you see what some creative folks have envisioned.

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