September 3, 2020

David Blaine Floats 24,900 Feet Over the Arizona Desert Using Only 52 Helium Balloons

Eight years after his last public stunt, American illusionist David Blaine completed yet another stunning spectacle with The Ascension. Streamed live on YouTube, the performance saw Blaine get carried up and away by 52 helium balloons. After reaching an incredible altitude of 24,900 feet, he then parachuted back to Earth. The moving performance was inspired both by his childhood and his nine-year-old daughter Dessa.

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August 27, 2020

Watch a Young Violin Prodigy Masterfully Play a Challenging Classical Piece by Paganini

At 19 years old, violinist Sumina Studer mastered a musical piece known for its speed and difficult bow movements. Titled “Caprice No. 5,” composer and violinist Niccolò Paganini incorporated tricky ricochet bowing techniques, but they were no match for Studer. In a video of a November 2016 performance at Konzerthaus Berlin, you can see her musical agility on full display.

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August 11, 2020

Twins Film Their Priceless Reaction to Hearing Phil Collins Music for the First Time

YouTubers Tim and Fred Williams are 22-year-old twins who have devoted their channel to filming their reactions to iconic songs. If you're familiar with the tunes—mostly older stuff that isn't on the radar of Gen Z—then you'll find watching their responses a total delight. Recently, the brothers recorded their first time hearing Phil Collins’ 1981 classic “In the Air Tonight,” and their reaction to it went viral.

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August 1, 2020

The Story of Why The Beatles Refused to Play in Front of Segregated Audiences

In 1964, a persistent hurricane-stricken Jacksonville, Florida crowd gathered excitedly to watch The Beatles step foot on stage. Little did they know just how close the concert was to being canceled. The U.S. was in the full throws of segregation and a civil rights movement. It was a time when, as historian Dr. Kitty Oliver remembers, “public accommodations were separate, inequities were rampant, and opportunities were stifled.

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