February 6, 2023

SNL Creates Funny Trailer for a Gritty ‘Super Mario’ Movie and People Want It To Be Real

The much-anticipated and highly criticized Super Mario movie is just a couple of months away, but people online have already had a taste of what the film could have looked like if it took a different turn. In a recent SNL sketch, Game of Thrones and The Mandalorian star Pedro Pascal starred as the famous video game character with a gritty twist.

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December 1, 2022

Gwendoline Christie Says Her ‘Wednesday’ Role Is the First Time She Felt Beautiful on Screen

As an actor, you don’t always get a say in how you’re going to look on screen. That wasn’t the case for Gwendoline Christie, however, as she prepared for her role as Larissa Weems in the Netflix series Wednesday. Christie plays the Nevermore Academy’s principal, and director Tim Burton gave her creative license to help shape the character. The incredible opportunity made Christie feel beautiful on screen for the first time.

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November 20, 2022

Get a Look Behind the Calculated Chaos of Crushed Cars in Films and TV

Destruction has been captured in action films in ways that can seem random and effortless to viewers. Audiences don’t bat an eye when they see trucks rolling on the highway, car roofs concaving, and vehicle hoods bending in half on impact. In reality, though, these “accidents” are carefully calculated and rehearsed feats of practical effects that defy the laws of physics. And often, teams of coordinators only have one shot to get it right.

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November 4, 2022

‘The Simpsons’ Episode Turns TV’s Most Famous Family Into ‘Death Note’-Style Anime Characters

Whether you’re a devoted The Simpsons fan to this day or you’re simply a fan of the classic, early seasons, there's always a universal curiosity about the deadly shenanigans they put out for their yearly Halloween episode, known as the Treehouse of Horror. This time, they truly hit it out of the park with a segment that pays tribute to the anime series Death Note and turns our favorite animated family into anime-style characters.

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