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February 7, 2021

Valentine’s Day Gift Guides to Find the Perfect Present for the People You Love

Valentine's Day—this annual celebration of love and romance is the perfect opportunity to show the one you love how much you care. Whether it's your lover, secret crush, mother, father, or child, receiving a Valentine's Day gift is a beautiful reminder of the bond between two people. Wondering what to gift the one you care about if you want to go beyond the standard roses and heart-shaped boxes of candy?

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February 1, 2021

15 Unique Light Fixtures and Lamps to Brighten Up Your Space

Almost nothing can transform a space as dramatically as lighting. If you are currently sick of staring at your same old workspace or bedroom, you may not need to plan a trip to IKEA just yet. The perfect item to make a room feel new and to help you kickstart a new routine or make your work from home environment more pleasant may be just a click away.

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January 21, 2021

38 Galentine’s Day Gifts to Celebrate the Ladies in Your Life

Are you familiar with Galentine’s Day? It’s the holiday that falls on February 13. While it’s often overshadowed by Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day has a special place in the hearts of many women. In the words of the imitable Leslie Knope, it’s about “ladies celebrating ladies.” First featured in an episode of the show Parks and Rec, it depicted Knope and her pals as they “kicked it, breakfast-style.” The fictitious holiday has caught on in real life.

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December 18, 2020

15+ Piet Mondrian-Inspired Gift Ideas for the Modern Art Lover in Your Life

One of the most recognized artists of the 20th century, Piet Mondrian, is known for his geometric, abstract paintings in red, yellow, and blue. His work was ground-breaking at the time, and was unlike anything from the conservative Dutch art scene he grew up in. Along with fellow free-thinkers such as Theo van Doesburg, Mondrian founded the Dutch art movement De Stijl (“the style”).

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