Aerial Photography

April 8, 2022

Aerial Photos Capture the Mesmerizing Enormous Solar Farms Around the World

We talk a lot about renewable energy sources and moving toward a greener future. And in those discussions, solar power is at the forefront. But what does it actually look like to use solar panels on a large scale? Aerial photographer Tom Hegen traveled to three countries to take a look for himself. The Solar Power Series is a look at solar plants and the manmade landscape looking to salvage our future.

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January 29, 2022

Colorful Aerial Photos of a Spring Known as “the Devil’s Eye” in the Gobi Desert

Sulfur is a fascinating element. It is Earth's fifth most common element to be found in the natural world. It typically manifests as a mineral—a sulfide or sulfate. You may have smelled its presence in the “rotten egg” odor of certain natural mineral waters which bubble up from springs. Such springs have long been spa destinations for health and enjoyment, but they can offer incredible, barren beauty as well.

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