Aerial Photography

January 22, 2021

Photographer Finds Beautiful “Tree of Life” Hidden in Aerial Images of a Receding Lake

Aerial photography captures the world as most people never get to experience it. From the bird's-eye view of a drone, new colors and patterns emerge in familiar landscapes. For New South Wales-based Australian photographer Derry Moroney, experimenting with aerial images has produced a shot depicting an almost mystical “tree of life.

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November 6, 2020

Stunning Drone Photos Capture Unique Perspective of Ballet From Above

We're used to seeing captivating aerial photography, but acclaimed drone photographer Brad Walls has pushed things to a new creative level with his latest series. This portfolio, titled ballerine de l'air (Ballerina from the air), is an interesting twist on classic portraits of ballet dancers. By using his drone, Walls manages to highlight different angles of their grace and beauty.

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August 29, 2020

Exquisite Aerial Photos Highlight the Varied Hues of the Icelandic Landscape

German photographer Jan Erik Waider has always been fascinated by the landscapes of the distant North. He spends much of his time exploring the rugged terrain of Greenland, Norway, Antarctica, and Iceland. For his latest series of abstract landscapes, Waider took a different approach and decided to focus on color. These aerial shots, taken in Iceland, break down the environment in a unique way and highlight the various tonalities that grace a single scene.

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