February 25, 2024

Patient Stays Awake and Plays Guitar During Surgery While Doctors Remove a Tumor From His Brain

All surgeries are serious, but brain surgeries are particularly delicate. Among other things, the patient's abilities to speak and move are at stake. That's why, in many cases, the person is kept awake so doctors can best evaluate and protect their dexterity. For one man named Christian Nolen, things went a step further. Knowing he was a talented guitarist, his doctors requested him to play his instrument on the operating table.

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February 9, 2024

Study Finds That Dancing Helps With Weight Loss and Also Improves Physical and Mental Health

Staying healthy is important, no matter your size, weight, or age. There are lots of important factors: drinking enough water, wearing sunscreen, and eating green veggies are all part of the equation. Exercise is important for everyone as well. For people who are overweight and obese and seeking to lose weight, a new paper suggests that dance is incredibly effective in burning fat and helps improve heart health, mental health, and other indicators of wellness.

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February 6, 2024

Research Finds That Playing an Instrument or Singing Helps Keep Your Brain Healthy

Music is a powerful medicine for the soul—and as recent research suggests, the brain. Particularly as one ages, keeping an active, varied mental world alive is critical to preserving cognitive abilities and can help stave off decline. A study out of the UK, recently published in the International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, found that playing music (rather than just listening to it)

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January 24, 2024

Scientists Discover Water Ice Deposits on Mars That Are More Than 2 Miles Thick

At present, Mars is known as arid, dry, and dusty. The Red Planet is seemingly the antithesis of the water-rich blue-green surface of Earth. However, water once river the surface of Mars, carving channels for rivers and leaving behind the remnants of lake beds. Beyond the dusty surface, water remains on the planet, trapped in giant blocks of ice deposited beneath the surface.

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