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November 23, 2022

This Chef Is Decolonizing the Kitchen by Only Using Ingredients Native to North America

When we think about the cultural elements that have been endangered by colonialism, the language, history, and customs are among the first things that come to mind. However, Indigenous cuisine is equally at risk as any other part of the Native American heritage. Chef Sean Sherman, a member of the Oglala Lakota tribe from the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, experienced this firsthand.

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October 4, 2022

What Is Indigenous Peoples’ Day? How This Holiday Honors Native People

The U.S. celebrates Indigenous Peoples’ Day on the second Monday of October. This day of celebration honors Native people; it recognizes their resilience and contributions to American society throughout history—despite being displaced, forced to assimilate, and decimated after Christopher Columbus and other Europeans colonized North America. It corrects the notion that Columbus “found” America because Indigenous people were there first.

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September 19, 2022

Students Whose Families Earn Below $100K Can Go to Princeton for Free

Among even the Ivy League schools, Princeton's rarified eating clubs and palatial residential colleges might seem inaccessible to lower- and middle-income students. While all elite schools can do more to place their educational experience within reach of these students, Princeton has just vastly expanded their need-based financial aid program. Now, families who earn under $100,000 will be able to send their talented kids to Princeton University for free.

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