December 5, 2023

Action-Packed Winners of the 2023 Red Bull Illume Image Quest

Red Bull once again celebrates the world's best adventure sports photography with the 17th annual Red Bull Illume Image Quest. And for the first time in history, a female photographer has been named the overall winner. Australian photographer Krystle Wright took home the big win for her beautiful image of climber Angela VanWiemeersch illuminated in a crack, deep within Utah's Long Canyon.

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October 13, 2023

Former Baseball Star Ken Griffey Jr. Becomes Sports Photographer, Snaps Amazing Action Shots

Upon retirement, some athletes find careers as coaches or sportscasters. We've also seen a few former players take on artistic endeavors, like Blake McFarland, a retired baseball star who is now a full-time sculptor. Now, there seems to be one player who found a different creative career path that will keep him close to the sporting fields. Ken Griffey Jr.

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September 13, 2023

Soccer Player Pulls Out UNO Reverse Card After He’s Given a Yellow Card by the Referee

In soccer, nobody enjoys getting a yellow card, even if it’s well deserved after playing too rough or for simply buying time. That’s why soccer stars around the world likely felt avenged by a player who, when carded by the referee during a match, unexpectedly pulled out an UNO reverse card. If you’re not familiar with soccer, yellow cards are a warning from referees.

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August 27, 2023

Gold Medalist Para-Athlete Shares the Spotlight With His Opponent by Raising His Hand After the Match

Displays of sportsmanship have a way of touching people's hearts. A recent example shows that the spotlight doesn't have to shine on just the victor. After being named winner at the 2023 Asian Para-Karate Championships, Iranian athlete Farzad Safavi Vardin knew he wanted to share the glory. Following the standard bow, he sprinted across the stage toward his opponent, Faris Khouj, and raised his hand—as if saying that he was also a winner.

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