14 of the Most Unique Hotels in the U.S. That Are as Weird as They Are Wonderful

Most Unique Hotels in the U.S.

Travelers seeking memorable experiences often turn to unique hotels that offer more than just a place to sleep. Why settle for a generic hotel room if there’s an option to embrace the unexpected and bond over the bizarre? Regardless of whether you’re riding solo and have a companion for your experience, the most unique hotels in the United States are definitely more than your average single suite.

From sleeping in a historic ocean liner off the coast of Long Beach to braving a former insane asylum turned luxurious hotel in Buffalo, adventure awaits at these fascinating spots.

Each of these hotels offer a distinct experience that blends charm, history, and modern comforts to create a memorable stay for travelers. Whether you’re looking for a groovy ‘60s flashback, a fairytale cottage, or a luxurious glamping retreat, there are some of the most unique hotels right here in the U.S. that provide something special for everyone. Check out our picks below!

Our Top 5 Most Unique Hotels in the U.S.

  1. Best Unique Hotel in California: Madonna Inn – San Luis Obispo, California
  2. Best Unique Hotel in Ohio: Landoll’s Mohican Castle – Loudonville, Ohio
  3. Best Unique Hotel in Florida: The Villa Casa Casuarina – Miami Beach, Florida
  4. Best Unique Hotel in Texas: Bloomhouse by Lodgewell – Austin, Texas
  5. Best Unique Hotel in Arizona: Clear Sky Resorts – Grand Canyon, Arizona


1. Madonna Inn – San Luis Obispo, California

Most Unique Hotels in the U.S.

Booking.com | From $498/night

Unique Feature: Over-the-top themes

Welcome to the Madonna Inn, a kitschy spot that’s a celebration of vibrant colors and playful extravagance. An icon of whimsical design, it's so over the top, you almost have to see it to believe it (which only adds to its charm). From the caveman-themed suite to the glittering pink Love Nest, every room offers a distinct themed experience—like the green fairway in the Golfer's Room or the Rock Bottom, which looks like a hollowed-out side of a mountain.

The hotel's eccentric charm extends to its on-site amenities, which include a world-renowned bakery and a rock waterfall urinal in the men's restroom. Outside, the inn's sprawling grounds offer a wealth of amenities and activities for guests to enjoy. Take a dip in the sparkling pool, explore the lush gardens, or go for a hike in the nearby hills.

Fun fact: The name of the inn has nothing to do with Madonna the performer. One of the most unique hotels in the U.S. gets its name from its designers who elaborately designed and decorated it, Alex and Phyllis Madonna.

Reserve the Madonna Inn at Booking.com


2. Landoll’s Mohican Castle – Loudonville, Ohio

Landoll’s Mohican Castle

Kayak | From $157/night

Unique Feature: The castle feels like it’s been plucked straight from the pages of a storybook

Landoll’s Mohican Castle is one of the most unique hotels in Ohio. This majestic medieval-style castle located in the heart of Ohio’s Mohican State Park, features luxurious suites and cottages with rich fabrics and antique furnishings, while many of the rooms have private balconies with views of the surrounding forest. The picturesque setting, combined with the castle’s elegant accommodations and top-notch service, gives this hotel a reputation for being a romantic destination.

Guests can unwind on the castle's grounds or take advantage of activities like hiking and horseback riding through the scenic park, or simply explore the quaint nearby town of Loudonville. The on-site restaurant, The Copper Mug Bar & Grille, was even featured on TV since famed celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay designed the menu. But the hotel's real claim to fame is its appearance on Ghost Hunters after the show heard that the property has a storied and spooky history. Guests can learn all about the alleged apparitions during a guided, one-hour haunted history tour.

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Reserve Landoll’s Mohican Castle at Booking.com


3. The Villa Casa Casuarina – Miami Beach, Florida

The Villa Casa Casuarina

Booking.com | From $1,348/night

Unique Feature: You can stay in Gianni Versace’s bedroom

Formerly known as the Versace Mansion, the Villa Casa Casuarina is front and center of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, Florida, with views of the beach, neon lights, the sound of Latin music, and late-night hustle and bustle. It’s the most popular hotel on the street after Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered on the steps of the mansion in July 1997.

After his passing, the iconic property was made into a hotel with 10 luxurious suites individually designed in the name of Versace’s friends and frequent guests (think Madonna, Elton John, Princess Diana, and Versace’s sister, Donatella). The old-world glamour extends to the lavish decor, rich fabrics, and exquisite artwork, including tiles picturing icons of Greek mythology, like Medusa from the brand’s logo.

Whether you're lounging by the mosaic-tiled pool, sipping cocktails in the courtyard, or indulging in a gourmet meal at Gianni’s Restaurant, every moment at The Villa Casa Casuarina is a celebration of luxury, style, and fashion.

Reserve The Villa Casa Casuarina at Booking.com

Reserve The Villa Casa Casuarina at Expedia


4. Bloomhouse by Lodgewell – Austin, Texas

Bloomhouse by Lodgewell

VRBO | Pricing varies based on availability

Unique Feature: Its design has been described as a giant seashell unicorn

Blending Dr. Seuss-esque design with natural materials, The Bloomhouse in Austin, Texas is like taking an architectural version of a Rorschach test. What do you see? An ode to Willy Wonka? Whoville? Piped frosting from a wedding cake on a hot day? How about a giant seashell unicorn?

Regardless of your interpretation, its one-of-a-kind exterior resembles something out of a fairy tale with its organic, flowing shapes and whimsical design. Inside, the magic continues with light-filled spaces where the carved wood is meant to emulate bones sticking out of skin, along with a fireplace that has a vertical twist like an ice cream cone.

The award-winning structure started with a hippie dream that took 11 years to build. It has been heralded as a masterpiece where architecture and nature come together in perfect harmony. It’s an ideal getaway spot for those seeking an immersive and artistic escape or for someone who wants to unwind with a good book.

Reserve Bloomhouse by Lodgewell at VRBO

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5. Clear Sky Resorts – Grand Canyon, Arizona

Most Unique Hotels in the U.S.

Booking.com | From $909/night

Unique Feature: Geodesic domes with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views of The Grand Canyon

Clear Sky Resorts offers a unique glamping experience that’s only 20 minutes away from the Grand Canyon. This one-of-a-kind destination boasts a whopping 62 eco-friendly geodesic domes with floor-to-ceiling windows and panoramic views. Guests are granted the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in the natural beauty of one of the world's most iconic landmarks. Whether you're watching the sunrise over the canyon from your private balcony or stargazing under the clear desert sky, you’re sure to make some memories you’ll never forget.

But Clear Sky Resorts is more than just a place to admire the view—it's also a destination for adventure seekers and nature lovers alike. Guests can explore the wonders of the Grand Canyon on guided hikes, bike rides, and Jeep tours led by knowledgeable guides who share their passion for the region's natural and cultural history. After a busy day, there’s nothing quite like returning to the lap of luxury where they can “glamp” in style. It's by far a contender for one of the most unique hotels in the U.S.

Reserve Clear Sky Resorts at Booking.com


6. The Roxbury – Roxbury, New York

Most Unique Hotels in the U.S.

Booking.com | From $297/night

Unique Feature: All of the studios are inspired by movies, cartoons, and TV shows from the 1960s and '70s

The Roxbury is a whimsical and imaginative hotel located in the Catskill Mountains. Known for its fantastical themed rooms and cottages, all of the studios are inspired by movies, cartoons, and TV shows from the 1960s and '70s. It’s pretty quirky, but the hotel's creative design and attention to detail make it a delightful and immersive experience for guests of all ages.

There's a room called Genie's Bottle, a groovy dwelling inspired by I Dream of Jeannie, a Wizard of Oz suite complete with a yellow brick road, and the Amadeus' Bride Suite that includes a mural of Mozart's wife. You’ll even find the silhouette of Farrah Fawcett in the Angel Hair Room, which is nothing short of nifty.

More than just a feast for the eyes, The Roxbury is also a haven of comfort. Each room is thoughtfully designed with plush bedding, and there are modern amenities like a heated pool, hot tubs, and a spa so guests can relax and unwind in style after a day of adventure in the mountains.

Reserve The Roxbury at Booking.com


7. Aurora Villa – Fairbanks, Alaska

Aurora Villa

Booking.com | From $1,000/night

Unique Feature: Breathtaking views of the Northern Lights 

If you missed the Northern Lights show in May 2024, your window to see them again just got a little bit bigger. The large floor-to-ceiling and glass ceilings at this venue are perfect for guests who want a front row seat to one of nature's most mesmerizing phenomena.

It’s nestled in the heart of Alaska's wilderness and expert guides are on hand to lead nighttime excursions and share their knowledge of the auroras.

From the moment you arrive, Aurora Villa captivates visitors with its sleek design and panoramic views of the night sky. The villa exudes warmth and sophistication thanks to its stylish furnishings where you can cozy up to the fireplace or take a relaxing soak in the outdoor hot tub.

Between the breathtaking views of the aurora borealis and the modern amenities, this unique hotel looks like it could be the set of a modern James Bond movie, making it the perfect setting for an unforgettable Alaskan adventure.

Reserve Aurora Villa at Booking.com


8. The Queen Mary – Long Beach, California

The Queen Mary

Booking.com | From $328/night

Unique Feature: The ship is said to be the most haunted hotel in America and is among the top 10 most haunted places on Earth

The Queen Mary isn’t just a hotel, it's also a floating piece of history that’s steeped in legends of tragedy and lore. The retired British ocean liner was once known for its classy art deco look and high profile guests like Winston Churchill, but these days, it’s notorious for its haunted history. From the infamous Room B340 where guests have reported unsettling experiences to the haunted corridors and public areas where ghostly figures are said to roam, tales of ghostly apparitions, unexplained noises, and eerie encounters have circulated for decades.

Despite its haunted reputation, The Queen Mary continues to charm visitors with its haunting beauty, original features, and nautical allure and is one of the most unique hotels in California. Its 200 original first-class staterooms and suites are a way to immerse yourself into the luxury of the past and experience the ship's history firsthand.

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9. The Richardson Hotel – Buffalo, New York

The Richardson

Booking.com | From $448/night

Unique Feature: It was originally the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane

This iconic building was originally known as the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane and served as a psychiatric hospital. It was repurposed in 2017 and redesigned into the luxurious hotel it is today.

The building was designed by renowned architect Henry Hobson Richardson, while the grounds were constructed by Frederick Law Olmsted. The castle-like building is one of the most unique hotels in New York and was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1986. Its storied past only adds to its intrigue and allure.

The hotel features restored architecture, elegant interiors that don’t play up the castle kitsch factor too much, and lush grounds. Despite its checkered past, it still manages to provide a serene and sophisticated stay. Guests can explore the hotel's rich history through guided tours or simply relax and unwind in the serene courtyard garden. And with a variety of dining options available, including the elegant Richardson's Tavern, you can wine and dine without leaving the hotel.

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10. The Vintages Trailer Resort – Dayton, Oregon

The Vintages Trailer Resort

Booking.com | From $328/night

Unique Feature: Airstream glamping in Wine Country

The Vintages Trailer Resort features a collection of 36 beautiful and fully restored Airstream trailers where you can rest up after raising your glass in Oregon's famed Willamette Valley. Each trailer has unique decor and charm that’s perfect for a glamping getaway in Wine Country. From the cheerful pastel hues of a 1956 Santa Fe to the sleek lines of a 1965 Boles Aero, every trailer is a trip back in time.

Each site has an outdoor grill and, at the club house, you can enjoy a heated pool, fire pit, and cruiser bikes to maximize every ounce of the outdoors. If you need to stock up on drinks or snacks, the on-site general store has you covered. The Vintages Trailer Resort is a great place to bookmark for your next trip, regardless of whether you’re a wine enthusiast, a lover of vintage aesthetics, or simply seeking a unique getaway.

Reserve The Vintages Trailer Resort at Booking.com


11. Napa Valley Railway Inn – Yountville, California

Napa Valley Railway Inn

Expedia | From $316/night

Unique Feature: Stay in an original 100-year-old railcar

If you’re headed to Wine Country in California, one of the most unique hotels in the U.S. is the Napa Valley Railway Inn. Each of the eight guest suites is housed in an original 100-year-old railcar that’s been beautifully restored and uniquely decorated to provide a cozy and nostalgic experience. The interiors seamlessly blend historical charm with all the contemporary amenities you need for a comfortable stay.

One of the best things about this hotel is its proximity to Wine Country. The inn provides easy access to some of the region’s finest wineries and tasting rooms. You can also explore the scenic trails and vineyards by bike, book a hot air balloon ride to experience the breathtaking beauty of the valley from above, or walk around the boutiques in town.

Reserve Napa Valley Railway Inn at Expedia


12. The Guest House at Graceland – Memphis, Tennessee

Most Unique Hotels in the U.S.

Booking.com | From $661/night

Unique Feature: Eat Elvis' favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich at his house

Opened in 2016, The Guest House at Graceland is a luxurious homage to the King of Rock ‘n' Roll, offering guests a stylish and comfortable retreat just steps away from Elvis Presley's iconic home in Memphis, Tennessee. As one of the most unique hotels in the U.S., The Guest House at Graceladn features Southern-style decor, themed suites, and a 464-seat theater with live entertainment and movie screenings, providing an immersive experience for Elvis fans.

Each of the 450 rooms and suites has a “make yourself at home” Southern vibe with a heavy dose of charm found in the vintage-inspired touches. There are a few different restaurants on-site, but the Gladys’ Diner serves Elvis' favorite peanut butter and banana sandwich, which is a must. And head over to the neighboring entertainment complex to see the 1958 Convair 880 airplane that Elvis named after his daughter, Lisa Marie. Of course, no visit to The Guest House at Graceland would be complete without a tour of nearby Graceland mansion.

Reserve The Guest House at Graceland at Booking.com


13. Liberty Hotel – Boston, Massachusetts

Liberty Hotel

Booking.com | From $1,594/night

Unique Feature: Stay in an old penitentiary (on purpose)

The Charles Street Jail in Boston housed some of the city’s most notorious criminals for 120 years. In 1973, the prisoners revolted because of poor living conditions and the jail was declared unfit. After it was shut down and the prisoners were relocated, The Liberty Hotel was transformed into a luxurious boutique hotel.

During its reconstruction, the historical architecture was preserved, and the site now boasts a 90-foot atrium with the building’s trademark windows, catwalks, and 298 luxury rooms. With its exposed brick walls and original jail cells that are seamlessly incorporated into the design, it's become one of the most unique hotels in the U.S. with a fashionable blend of history and modern luxury.

Guests can dine at the aptly named CLINK restaurant, where bars still adorn the original windows. And the jail’s former exercise yard is now a private, beautifully landscaped courtyard.

Reserve Liberty Hotel at Booking.com


14. El Cosmico – Marfa, Texas

El Cosmico

Booking.com | From $198/night

Unique Feature: Too-cool glamping in vintage trailers

At El Cosmico, the wild spirit of West Texas meets bohemian charm down the street from the international art scene of Marfa. This unconventional oasis in the middle of nowhere is more than just one of the most unique hotels in the U.S., it's a destination for wanderers, dreamers, and free spirits seeking an escape from the ordinary or looking to unwind and connect with nature.

The site is a collection of 13 vintage trailers, teepees, and 22-foot yurts, each with its own unique personality and style. Like-minded travelers come together to share stories, swap tips, and embrace the spirit of adventure. Guests can gather around the communal fire pits, take part in yoga classes and workshops like candle making, or simply sit back and soak in the desert sun. Bikes are even available to rent, as are wood-fired Dutch hot tubs (with 24-hour advance notice).

Reserve El Cosmico at Booking.com


Prices were accurate at the time of publication.

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