100-Year-Old Woman Celebrates Milestone Birthday With Older Sisters Who Are 102 and 104

Three Centenarian Sisters

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Not many people get to live to see 100. Yet, in recent years, it seems the milestone is becoming more and more common. However, what’s even more rare is to be able to celebrate a century of living with the people who’ve shared that same lifetime with you. For three sisters in Kansas, that miraculous achievement is actually a reality. Back in November 2021, Frances Kompus celebrated her 100th birthday. And participating in the festivities alongside her were her two older sisters, 102-year-old Lucy Pochop and 104-year-old Julia Kopriva.

The three centenarian sisters were raised on a farm in Kansas, and they’ve been close ever since they were little girls. “I always did what they did,” Kompus shares. “Sometimes that was working and sometimes that was fun.” Their grandparents were immigrants from Czechoslovakia who became farmers in Rawlins County, and the centenarians credit the hard work and activity of simple farm life with their longevity. And without any brothers, they had plenty of work to do between their parents and the three of them.

“The younger generation don’t believe what we done went through,” says big sister, Kopriva. “We work today, but we worked harder those days.”

The family farm even saw them through the hard times of the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression, when the three sisters remember being lucky to have good, home-cooked meals. But one of the biggest changes they’ve experienced during their long lives was when the 1963 Rural Electrification Act brought electricity to their farm, bringing along with it the modern conveniences of fridges, freezers, and small appliances.

All the simple and life-changing experiences they’ve shared—including those of becoming mothers, grandmothers, and even great grandmothers—have only brought them closer throughout the years. In fact, their children recall getting together often for family gatherings and celebrations. And since becoming widows, the three best friends even moved into adjoining apartments where they often spend evenings playing cards and dominoes together.

When asked what their secret is to such a long life, the centenarians’ responses were simple. “I think faith comes first, and thank your parents and grandparents,” advised big sister, Kopriva. Pochop nodded her agreement while the birthday girl, Kompus, added, “I would tell them to walk a lot.” Thinking more on how they managed to reach such a momentous milestone together, the three sisters concluded with one final thought. “We eat well, right?” Kopriva quipped, laughing. “And pray and try to stay out of mischief.”

This year Kompus, Pochop, and Kopriva will celebrate another year of life shared. In June, Pochop will turn 103; while in November, Kompus and Kopriva will turn 101 and 105. Here’s to wishing the three centenarian sisters many more extraordinary birthday celebrations together.

Three sisters in Kansas are all centenarians, with the youngest recently celebrating her 100th birthday.

Watch this video to learn more about their incredible lives and secrets to a long, healthy life.

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