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Linear Designs of Minimalist Tattoos Gracefully Flow Across Bodies

Using intricate, crisscrossing lines and a minimalist aesthetic, Chaim Machlev creates beautifully-unconventional body art. The Berlin-based tattoo artist etches flowing abstract designs on skin that often spans the length of an arm, leg, or back. Sometimes, the compositions will continue from one body part to another.

Regardless of their placement, Machlev’s tattoos feature elegant, sweeping marks that look like twisted structures. He’ll sometimes add geometric shapes that mimic the appearance of lotus flowers or other organic forms. Coupled with the complex lines, they make for mesmerizing additions to the skin.

The preciseness of Machlev’s work is really impressive, and even more so when you learn that he’s only been tattooing since 2012. His previous job was as a project manager for an IT company. But, after receiving his first tattoo, he couldn’t stop thinking about them – he’d even see patterns in his dreams. Machlev later decided to dedicate his life to this pursuit, and it seems that following his passion has paid off.

Chaim Machlev website and Facebook page
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