January 31, 2023

Amazing UV Ink Tattoos Glow With Blue ‘UVealism’ With a Blacklight

As tattoos continue to permeate cultures, tattooists are innovating their designs and techniques like never before. Sydney-based artist Jonny Hall is using ultraviolet light to add a blue glow to his realistic body art. He’s dubbed the approach UVealism—a clever portmanteau of UV (ultraviolet) and realism. The unique UV ink enhances elements of the tattoo to make it come to life when under a blacklight.

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September 25, 2022

Tattooist Inks Delicate Floral Tattoos That Bloom Forever Across Skin

Brooklyn-based tattoo artist Barry Flowers creates body art that blooms forever. Inspired by the natural beauty of flora, he draws delicate illustrations of flowers, leaves, and butterflies across the expanse of people's skin. Rather than use color, Flowers chooses to render his sprawling designs in a minimalist, monochromatic palette. As a result, he allows his precise linework to shine.

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May 7, 2022

Delicate Watercolor Tattoos Look Like Tiny Paintings Brushed Onto Skin

Vibrant yet delicate, watercolor tattoos decorate the skin with permanent paintings. Korean tattoo artist Eunyu specializes in this niche of body art, creating an array of tiny masterpieces inspired by flowers, fruits, and animals. Despite their diminutive size, each of these tattoos stands out for its ethereal appearance. Instead of relying on thick, black lines and bold colors, Eunyu's watercolor style depends on a pastel-colored palette and subtle rendering of forms.

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October 15, 2021

Amazing Tattoos Look Just Like Holographic Stickers Stuck to Skin

When is a sticker not a sticker? When it’s a tattoo! Tattoo artist Clayton Dias will make you do a double-take with his holographic-inspired designs. He creates body art that has the metallic shimmer of a real sticker, complete with the vertical highlights and rainbow array of colors as it captures the light. Sometimes, it appears as though the tattoo is peeling from the skin which only adds to the amazing illusions within Dias’ work.

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