July 12, 2018

30+ Creative Tattoo Ideas to Inspire Your Next Bit of Body Art

The stigma behind body art is quickly disappearing and making creative tattoos a norm rather than an anomaly. As tattoo artists gain recognition through channels like Instagram, it’s easy to get inspiration for your own ink. Whether you’re looking to get your first design or add the finishing touch to a full sleeve, there are a ton of great tattoo ideas that will help ensure you’re getting the best body art for you.

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June 9, 2018

20+ Tiny Finger Tattoos With Big Senses of Style

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo but want to go for something small and subtle, finger tattoos are the perfect option. Whether it’s a discreet symbol hidden on your inner finger or a special initial in place of a ring, these tiny tattoos are an understated way to express your personal style.

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