Thought-Provoking Visualizations of Landmarks Overwhelmed by Rising Sea Levels in the Year 2100

Rising sea levels are a hazard that we are all aware of, set into motion by greenhouse gas emissions that are affecting global temperatures. The following series of images, created by visual artist Nickolay Lamm in coordination with Climate Central, depicts iconic coastal cities from around the world and the radical impacts that rising sea levels could have on these familiar settings by the year 2100.

Aware of the catastrophic results that await if we refrain from curbing global carbon emissions, the United Nations seeks to achieve a universal agreement at the annual climate conference, hosted by Paris this December. The main goal of this meeting of nations is to limit the increase of global temperature by only 3.6F (2C) by reaching consensus on a series of legally binding action plans. The paired images of each landmark project what the cities would look like with the 3.6F (2C) temperature increase and also with a 7.2F (4C) increase that would occur without intervention.

Research indicates that by the year of 2100 “global sea-levels [could face a] rise of 4.3–9.9 meters (14–32 feet)” if no preventative measures are taken. These images provide a vivid visualization of what our future could look like, stressing the importance of action.

Above: Sydney, Australia

London, United Kingdom

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Durban, South Africa

Mumbai, India

Shanghai, China

New York, United States

Nickolay Lamm: Website
via [A Plus]

All images credited to Nickolay Lamm & Climate Central.

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