Could You Live Inside The Black Apartment? (7 pics)

New York-based creative agency “The Apartment” designed this apartment for Cindy Gallop. Gallop is an ad agency guru who used to be chairwoman of advertising giant BBH. Her brief was simple: “At night, i want to feel like I'm in a Shanghai nightclub.” What she got was just that – an apartment that looked more like a bumpin' club than a comfy home.

I love the large bookshelf, the shelves for shoes, and the interesting light fixtures but overall, I'm not a big fan of this place. What do you think? Source Other Amazing Places: Would You Let Giorgio Armani Design Your Home? Clean and Clutter Free – Oliver Schick (6 pics) Making Your Place Uniquely Yours (10 pics) Interior Design: A Nod to Vintage Mod

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