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Muralist Paints Majestic Eagle on a Berlin Building


A striking new mural by artist DALeast is now gracing the facade of Berlin’s Urban Nation building. The piece depicts earth-toned line art that forms the shape of a majestic eagle’s head against a black backdrop. Lines contouring the back of the eagle’s head begin to fade and dissolve into a flock of birds flying toward the edge of the frame. The most arresting feature of the painting is the eagle’s piercing gaze directed from cold, yellow eyes at the street below.

The public-art masterpiece was installed as part of PM6, an art campaign sponsored by New York City’s Jonathan Levine Gallery. Other artists filled the building that DALeast decorated with their own individual indoor pieces.

The muralist who uses the pseudonym DALeast was born in China and operates out of Cape Town, South Africa. He expressed interest in painting beginning at age two and dropped out of a fine arts program to join a Chinese graffiti troupe. Since then, he seems to have found his calling. “The teacher hated me because I wasn’t doing what I had to do in the class,” he says, “but they could always find me on the streets painting walls.”







DALeast: Website
via [Booooooom, Street Art News, Arrested Motion]

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