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Photographer Creates Elaborate Fairy Tale-Inspired Portraits in Her Tiny Attic

Canadian photographer Daniela Majic creates images of gorgeous, fantastical scenes, and she does so all in the small attic in her house. Since last year, she’s worked on a series called Secret Garden, and it features surreal, colorful portraits of women dressed in elaborate costumes. They wear handmade garments that feel like they’re from fairy tales and are cloaked in bright blooms, butterflies, feathers, and more. All of the backdrops are equally as stunning and hand produced as well.

With their incredible attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that Majic treats every garden set as an art installation. It began with a small, flower-covered wall, and as she creates new concepts, the background changes accordingly. Every idea takes about three weeks of planning and prep to pull off, and it’s worth it. Majic’s images prove that you don’t need large sets or a huge budget to produce this type of magical beauty. In fact, much of her work is done right in her kitchen and backyard!

Prints from Secret Garden are available for purchase through Majic’s online shop. She’s using the series to raise money for the Canadian children’s charity Because I’m a Girl. It’s her way of giving back.

Above: Madame Papillon

Madame Papillon

Ice Queen

The Bee Keeper

The Queen Awakes

Wisteria Princess

Behind the Scenes

Daniela Majic website and Facebook page
via [PetaPixel, Bored Panda, and SLR Lounge]

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