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Artist “Paints” with Gunpowder and Finishes His Work by Setting It on Fire

Artist Danny Shervin spends an incredible amount of time perfecting his nature-inspired imagery only to set it on fire once he’s done. For a conventional work of art, this would probably be the end, but it’s the contrary for Shervin—the flames bring his pieces to life.

Working under the name Paint With Gunpowder, Shervin meticulously assembles ammunition on wood and canvas. It portrays animal portraits, like the creatures that live around the Grand Tetons where he grew up and still resides. Once the dust-like particles are arranged into owls, moose, and elk, Shervin takes a flame to one corner of a piece. From there, it erupts into a small but manageable fire and travels throughout the entire composition, burning the image into the surface.

Once the artwork is lit, it quickly burns:

The results, which showcase a stipple-like effect, are then burned into the surface:

Through Facebook and YouTube, Shervin shares videos that demonstrate the entire ignition process.

Painting with Gunpowder: Website | Youtube | Facbeook

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