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Artistic Baker Paints a Galaxy-Inspired Wedding Cake That’s Out of This World

galaxy themed wedding and galaxy cupcakes

Over the past year, food has proved time and again that it’s a delicious, unconventional canvas for incredible art. A Redditor named Skizorbit, owner of Darling Delights bakery, recently crafted a set of cake and cupcakes that look out of this world. When asked by a friend to make a galaxy-themed dessert for their wedding, she delivered with these vibrant confections that showcase the magic of the stars.

Skizorbit posted her creations to Reddit, where people were quick to ogle over the beautiful surface decoration—and ask questions about her process. To produce this colorful, multifaceted effect, she used a special painting tool. “I covered the cake with white fondant and the cupcakes with white icing,” Skizorbit revealed, “then airbrushed the gradient and colors on the cupcakes.” The tiny houses were made out of fondant and the “stars” were splattered with a “cheap dollar store tooth brush.”

Currently, Darling Delights is only offering shipment on their cookies (also galaxy themed). But if you’re local to Columbus, Ohio, you can order and enjoy this special cake.

One lucky couple enjoyed a galaxy themed wedding cake and galaxy cupcakes at their nuptials.

galaxy themed wedding ideas

Darling Delights creates space-themed cookies, too:

galaxy themed wedding ideasgalaxy themed wedding galaxy cupcakesgalaxy themed wedding galaxy cupcakesDarling Delights: Website
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