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New Mirrored Infinity Rooms in New York

yayoi kusama infinity room

In what's being called the next Rain Room for New York, eccentric Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is showing off her newest installations at David Zwirner gallery. Called Infinity Mirrored Room – The Souls of Millions of Light Years Away and Love Is Calling, expect these to be the must-visit installations this fall! (Translation: Expect long lines.)

In Infinity Mirrored Room, hundreds of multicolored LED lights, suspended at different heights and dangling from floor to ceiling, transform a room into what feels like an eternity. The cube-shaped, mirror-paneled room has a shallow reflecting pool as its floor and the lights flicker on and off in a strobe-like effect. Though similar to the ones Kusama has shown previously – Infinity Mirror Room at the Tate Modern and Fireflies on the Water at the Whitney Museum of Art – this one was made especially for this exhibition and still promises the viewer a wonderfully surreal experience.

In Love is Calling, a darkened, mirrored room is illuminated by inflatable, tentacle-like forms–covered in the artist's characteristic polka dots–that extend from the floor and ceiling, gradually changing colors. Not only is this a visual experience, it's an auditory one, too. A sound recording of Kusama reciting a love poem in Japanese plays continuously. This installation was shown in Tokyo earlier this year as part of a group exhibition but it ‘s the very first time it's been shown in the United States.

The full exhibition, called I Who Have Arrived In Heaven, spans the gallery's three consecutive locations and features, along with these installations, 27 new large-scale paintings. The exhibition will be showing from now till December 21, 2013. (What a fun place to take a selfie!)

First photo: Delissa Handoko

See more images of Yayoi Kusama's new Infinity Room installations.

yayoi kusama the infinity room
Photo: Thomas Welch

yayoi kusama the infinity room
Photo: Daniel (danhollis6767)

yayoi kusama the infinity room david zwirner
Photo: Brooklyn Architect

Photo: ae_jones

Photo: Brooklyn Architect

yayoi kusama the infinity room
Photo: Jess Gardner

yayoi kusama the infinity room
Photo: Brooklyn Architect

Photo: Josef Pinlac

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