Woman Performs a Fiery Version of the Traditional Sama Dance

woman performs a fiery version of the traditional sama dance, twirling with her skirt on fire

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Centuries-old traditions are compelling windows into cultures from around the world. But sometimes, local artists find ways to add their own unique touch to them, building on something timeless to make it even more powerful. Persian dancer Diyarshivayi has drawn from the customary Sama ceremony to create her own version—a spinning choreography that can best be described as a fire dance.

A video that has gone viral shows the artist executing a fiery performance. The most eye-catching element is Diyarshivayi's long red skirt, as the hem has been set on fire. As she spins around with a big smile on her face, the fire forms a luminous ring around her. At the same time, she unties her hair and shakes her head, adding to the joy and power of the scene. It's as if this choreography is a statement about how female strength will prevail despite the bindings others try to impose on them.

The artist captioned the video with the message, “Fire to me, what will fire do to me? I threw a hundred fires and a hundred riots.” The visuals have drawn comparisons to The Hunger Games. In particular, the scene where Katniss Everdeen's dress lights up when she spins around, earning her the nickname of “the girl on fire.”

As cool as this video looks, it's important to note that this fire dance was performed by a professional, and shouldn't be attempted by others. It would be especially dangerous to try to it at home or in any indoor setting. If you want to stay up to date with Diyarshivayi's work, make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Persian dancer Diyarshivayi often pays homage to the traditional Sama ceremony through her performances.


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But she's recently added her own fiery element to her choreography, literally setting fire to the hem of her long skirt.


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As she spins around with a big smile on her face, the flames forms a luminous ring around her. Watch her blazing performance.


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