LED Dance Troupe Delivers Dazzling Light Performances and Electrifying Joy

Over the past few years, dance troupes have begun to incorporate dynamic light displays into their outfits. It's little surprise why—a choreographed light show can up the ante during a performance, combining exquisite movement with vibrant displays of color and pattern. A group called Shine's Creed has visibly mastered this formula. With over 30 million followers on social media, this Russian dance team has clearly developed a passionate fan base that loves the art that they are creating.

The group's costumes are humanoid but notably otherworldly, as many of their masks have animal characteristics and feature long, hair-like tendrils growing out of the top of them. The light suits have a black base, with LED plating on the face, shoulders, chest, back, arms, and legs. They can be activated remotely and flash different colors and patterns. This creates room for many mesmerizing light shows, with the group recently performing at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and several Formula 1 races in Saudi Arabia.

As fascinating as the group's costumes and dance routines are, their lore is even more interesting. Officially, they are from the planet of Mars and have come to Earth with the goal of spreading light and joy wherever they go. This certainly explains the alien-like appearance of many of their costumes and could definitely have something to do with their international success, as their message of unity makes it easy for people from all around the globe to enjoy their art.

To keep up with Shine's Creed's out-of-this-world dancing, make sure to follow them on Instagram. To watch videos of some of their performances, you check out their YouTube channel.

Shine's Creed is a dance troupe that uses cleverly placed LED lights in their costumes to create dazzling light shows.

@hishnikisvetaWe are glad that most of you love surprises and are open to change! Because very soon we will start sharing with you not only dances! And for this we will simply need to do what you have been asking for for so long!♬ Yimmy Yimmy – Tayc & Shreya Ghoshal & Rajat Nagpal

@hishnikisvetaСправился ?♬ оригинальный звук – ShinesCreed

@hishnikisvetaFun trend♬ Kala Chasma – 974.MHD

When performing in public, they often draw a crowd.

@hishnikisveta #shuffle #shuffledance #viralvideo ♬ MTG – PISTA TOMA – RXDXVIL & DJ FKU & John Bis.T

@hishnikisvetaAn elderly man in a white shirt did this video!♬ Chammak Challo – Slowed and Reverb – Pradabae

They've performed at the FIFA World Cup and Formula 1 races and have captured the crowd's attention thanks to their high energy music and skilled moves.

According to the group's lore, they traveled to Earth from Mars with the goal of spreading light and joy wherever they go.

Shine's Creed: Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

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