February 16, 2021

9-Year-Old Dance Prodigy Dances Her Way Through the Day To Reach 10,000 Steps

In a Swedish health campaign, 9-year-old dance prodigy Lilyana Ilunga dances her way to 10,000 steps in order to encourage kids to live a more active lifestyle, while also showing them that it can be fun. Non-profit organization Generation Pep—which organized the Dance 10.000 initiative—was started by the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria “with the vision that all children and young people in Sweden should have the ability and desire to live an active and healthy life.

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November 25, 2020

Photographer Omar Z. Robles on His Sensational Images of Ballet Dancers Around the World [Podcast]

For the past few years, photographer Omar Z. Robles has been making waves with his dance photography—specifically, his ability to merge classical dance with the urban environment has sparked an enormous following. Robles travels the world— from New York City to Hong Kong to Cuba to Melbourne—and works with local ballet dancers.

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October 26, 2020

25 Creative Gifts for Dancers That Celebrate the Art of Movement

The art of movement is more than a hobby or profession, it's a passion. Anyone who knows a dancer understands just how much the craft becomes an integral part of everyday life. So what to get that dancer for a special occasion? There are so many incredible gifts that celebrate the art of dance, whether you are shopping for the holidays, a birthday, or the perfect present to commemorate a big performance.

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July 20, 2020

Dynamic Dancers Take to the City Streets Highlighting How the Whole World Is a Stage

Photographer Anna Ulman captures the dramatic beauty of dance in her dynamic portraits of performers in motion. Based in Marbella, Spain, Ulman takes advantage of charming cobblestone streets and coastline views as both compelling settings and as the inspiration for the movements that her subjects make. Sometimes, the dancers blend into the urban environment and perform their graceful actions in street clothes.

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