October 4, 2017

Computer Generated Lines Gracefully Map the Delicate Movements of a Ballet Dancer

This beautiful short film, titled Ballet Rotoscope and created by Tokyo-based design group EUPHRATES, illustrates the delicate movements of a ballet dancer. As the ballerina moves, different points on her body are traced by a computer-generated technique called rotoscoping, to reveal the geometric beauty of dance. Rotoscoping is a method that is often used for visual effects in live-action movies.

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August 29, 2017

Dancers and Photographers Come Together for Incredible Spontaneous Photo Shoots

What happens when you gather world class dancers, photographers, and social media influencers in dramatic settings across the United States? #CamerasandDancers. For the past few years, Jacob Jonas The Company has been hosting monthly Instameets with social influencers, allowing dancers and photographers to spontaneously collaborate to stunning effect. #CamerasandDancers recently held its 30th meet up and has held events everywhere from the Getty Museum in Los Angeles to the New York Public Library.

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February 20, 2017

11 Photographers Who Capture the Beautiful Movement of Dancers

Elegant, energetic, and dramatic dance photography is both a visual treat and a study of movement. Aiming to convey the spirit and skill of their graceful subjects, photographers often opt to shoot dancers mid-motion, showcasing their graceful gestures by freezing a moment in time. Here, we explore the work of 11 of our favorite dance photographers, paying particular attention to the unique ways each captures their muses' exquisite movements.

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