Photogenic Bulldog Gets Stopped on Street to Model for Local Police Dog Calendar

English Bulldog Police Dogs Calendar

When Mister Bentley—a 6-year-old, English Bulldog from Vancouver—and his owner Bradley Friesen recently went out for a walk, they never guessed they’d have such an eventful encounter with a member of the Vancouver Police Department. So eventful in fact, that the adorable Mister Bentley was later invited to make his model debut in the annual Vancouver Police Dogs Calendar.

“A few months ago, a member of the Vancouver Police Department was petting my dog and I told him my dog had a pretty large Instagram account,” recalls Friesen. “He asked if I wanted to put my dog on his police bike and take a picture. He even put his helmet on Bentley.” In an impromptu photoshoot, Bentley was captured proudly perched on the huge police bike, wearing the oversized helmet. The hilarious scene grabbed the attention of local radio producer, Alan Regan, who was getting his hair cut in a nearby salon. Regan shared an image of Bentley on Twitter and it quickly went viral.

A fews weeks later, the Vancouver Police Department contacted Friesen to ask if Bentley wanted to feature as a “suspect” in their annual calendar. Featuring the four-legged members of the VPD Canine Unit, the calendar raises money for BC Childrens Hospital and the BC Cancer Foundation. “We were super happy to help and brought Bentley in for the shoot,” says Friesen. “We had no idea what the end result would look like, because they said, ‘We can't have our dog in the room, cuz he will eat your dog.’ So, these two images were taken separately and shopped together.”

The comical image (taken by Adam and Kev Photography) shows Bentley being “questioned” inside a police interrogation room by a huge police dog and a serious-looking policeman. To persuade Bentley to look in the right direction, Friesen had to hold up his favorite snack: a cucumber. Don’t worry though, Bentley claims he was framed. The image was posted on Instagram saying, “The cat told me it was just catnip! I was just holding it for a friend!!!”

You can buy the 2019 VPD K9 Calendar on the Vancouver Police Department website and see more adorable images of Bentley on Instagram.

Meet Mister Bentley: a 6-year-old, English Bulldog from Vancouver.

English Bulldog Police Dogs Calendar

While out for a walk, a member of the Vancouver Police Department asked if he wanted to pose on his police bike.

English Bulldog Police Dogs Calendar

The hilarious scene grabbed the attention of local radio producer Alan Regan who shared an image on Twitter.

Bentley was later invited to feature as a “suspect” in this funny image for the annual Vancouver Police Dogs Calendar.

English Bulldog Police Dogs Calendar

Mister Bentley: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter 

My Modern Met granted permission to use photos by Adam and Kev Photography / Mister Bentley.

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