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Vintage Photos Fuse to Create Fantastically Surreal Landscape Collages

California-based collage artist Eugenia Loli fuses vintage photographs to create fantastically surreal compositions. Her colorful scenes often depict people in strange lands that conjure vivid dreams, where outer space is just outside our window and entire cityscapes are at the bottom of a cave. In essence, they seem to communicate a feeling of wanderlust as subjects experience new places.

Loli wasn’t always an artist. She originated in the technology sector, but left it behind in order to make these new, visually-exciting worlds. Her collages start with a “base” image, and it’s used as a way to develop an entire piece. “Most of the time,” she writes, “I try to ‘say’ something important via my art, but other times it’s just about doodling.” Loli sees her work as a still frame of a surreal movie and invites viewers to make up the plot.

Phone cases, shower curtains, tote bags, and other products featuring Loli’s collages are all for sale in her various shops.

Eugenia Loli website
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