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Traditional Rugs Recreated with Technological Glitches by Faig Ahmed

Baku-based artist Faig Ahmed combines the beauty of traditional Azerbaijani rugs with technological glitches in his on-going series of contemporary carpets. Using the artistic qualities of these tapestries, he disassembles their conventional structure to rearrange and fragment it. The result often resembles a rug that doubles as a fascinating modern sculpture.

Many of Ahmed’s carpets have “flaws” in their designs that create the illusion of a printing or rendering error. If you’ve ever seen a video game character that looks distorted or mutated, Ahmed’s tapestries mimic this idea. Their geometric patterns are stretched, misshapen, and even bubble from their rectangular confines. Ahmed often goes beyond the bounds of the conventional rug shape and has his creations dripping onto the floor. It’s an intriguing, trippy twist on the ubiquitous home good.

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