Fascinating Land Art by Sylvian Meyer

Sylvian Meyer is a 30-year-old self-taught artist whose inspired by nature. “It has always been central to my inspiration,” he tells us. “She speaks to me, telling me stories. Sometimes it's the material that will attract my attention first. In this case, the place of creation is chosen based on the material. I then try and create a contrast of colors and/or shapes. The harmony between the place and the material is therefore essential. The place is highlighted by the work, the work is enhanced by the place.”

Just where could you find these beautiful pieces? “The greater part of my work is a few miles from my home. I am fortunate to live in Switzerland. Lucky, because the country offers a small space with a multitudes of scenes. For now, my Land Art is in the forest, but I love the mountains and am always looking for new settings.”

Though Land Art is known to the general public, most people who stumble across Meyer's art have never seen quite anything like it. “It attracts their attention,” he says. “Soon, they are fascinated by the work itself and the time it took to create it. Some do not understand it right away, that this is the work of a man. Further, that it is the work of one man. By continuing to observe the image, they become aware of its fragility.”

See more of Meyer's fascinating Land Art over at Flickr.

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