Giant Trolls Scattered in a Forest Invite the Public on a Fairy Tale Scavenger Hunt

Thomas Dambo Sculpture at Detroit Lakes

Last year, artist Thomas Dambo spent 100 days traversing the United States and creating his signature troll sculptures along the way. The Danish artist has continued to expand his work in America and has just completed his most ambitious project ever with Alexa's Elixir. Located in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota, the exhibition takes people on a journey to solve a riddle and find a Golden Rabbit.

Along the way, they'll encounter some of Dambo's friendly trolls, who remind us to embrace nature and spread joy. Over 300 volunteers helped Dambo execute his vision, which not only included five trolls, but also three portals, 800 birdhouses, and a special book that contains a recipe for Alexa's Elixir and a map to the Golden Rabbit.

Based on a folktale written by the artist, the project pushes for the public to interact with the artwork. “The concept is that you have to help the troll called Alexa brew an elixir to basically help set the humans free from a curse that an evil golden rabbit has thrown on the humans,” Dambo explained to a local news outlet MPR. “And then you do that by helping her collect the five ingredients that she is brewing in her big pot.”

As people partake in Dambo's adventure, they are also brought closer to nature. The artist's sculptures, which are made from discarded materials, are a reminder to take care of and protect our environment.

The sculptures of Alexa's Elixir can be found on Dambo's Troll Map, which tracks his troll installations. The only thing that isn't marked is the elusive Golden Rabbit. To find that, you'll have to participate in the hunt.

With the help of 300 volunteers, Danish artist Thomas Dambo has recently finished his most ambitious exhibition ever.

Thomas Dambo with the Golden Rabbit

Volunteers helping Thomas Dambo at Detroit Lakes

Alexa's Elixir consists of numerous sculptures, including 5 large trolls and 800 birdhouses.

Thomas Dambo Sculpture at Detroit Lakes

Thomas Dambo Sculpture at Detroit Lakes

Thomas Dambo Sculpture at Detroit Lakes

The public is brought along on Dambo's folktale and asked to help one of the trolls brew a potion.

Thomas Dambo Sculpture at Detroit Lakes

Alexas Elixir by Thomas Dambo at Detroit Lakes

Once they collect all the ingredients, they need to find the hidden Golden Rabbit.

Giant Bunny Sculpture by Thomas Dambo at Detroit Lakes

Dambo's sculptures are a wonderful way to connect with the natural world.

Sculpture in the woods at Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo: Website | Instagram | Facebook

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Thomas Dambo.

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