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Photoshop Master Seamlessly Combines Two Celebrities into One Famous Face

Hollywood has some of the world’s most unmistakable faces. Thanks to their famous faces plastered on everything from magazine covers and movie posters to tabloid features, it’s easily noticeable that there’s something slightly off about these celebrity portraits by artist Gesichtermix. In fact, they aren’t celebrities at all–they’re totally fake photographs that are composites of two different famous people. With a skilled mastery of photo manipulation, Gesichtermix digitally stitches pictures together into one highly believable image.

The results from these Photoshop fusions are subtle and certain to make you do a double-take. At first glance, it’s easy to see the defining features of one person, while later noticing the characteristics of another. This effect is abundantly clear just by taking a look at a mashup of actors Christoph Waltz and Benedict Cumberbatch: Waltz’s signature smirk is paired with the nose and cheekbones of Cumberbatch. Depending on how you’re looking at the image, you might see one more than the other, but keep looking! You’re bound to recognize another face in there.

These seamless photo manipulations show just how powerful a little editing can be. Equal parts uncanny and impressive, they pay a playful homage to the most well-known stars in the world.

Above: Leonardo DiCaprio / Sean Penn

Justin Timberlake / Justin Bieber

Jennifer Lawrence / Claire Danes

Charlie Sheen / Ashton Kutcher

Shaquille O’Neal / 50 Cent

Rihanna / Katy Perry

Arnold Schwarzenegger / Sylvester Stallone

Ben Affleck / Daniel Day-Lewis

Pharrell Williams / Channing Tatum

Emily Blunt / Christina Ricci

Natalie Portman / Scarlett Johansson

Jennifer Lopez / Halle Berry

Ewan McGregor / Colin Firth

Robert de Niro / Kevin Spacey

Christoph Waltz / Benedict Cumberbatch

Steven Spielberg / Woody Allen

Robin Williams / Brendan Fraser

Gesichtermix: Instagram | Facebook
via [22 Words]

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