Healthcare Heroes Post Heartbreaking Photos From the Front Lines of the Coronavirus

Healthcare workers around the globe are stepping up in this time of crisis and providing critical care as the number of coronavirus cases continues to soar. Not only are these nurses, doctors, and technicians working long hours, but they're often also doing so with a shortage of masks and PPE equipment to keep themselves protected.

Many have taken to posting selfies after long shifts and explaining just what they've experienced on the ground. From tired eyes to bruised faces, these images are a haunting and realistic look at the men and women who are making sacrifices for the greater good of the community, at great risk to themselves.

Still, people continue to step up to the challenge. In Italy, which has been hit particularly hard, over 7,000 medical professionals responded to a national call for volunteers. Given the shortage of medical workers that Italy is facing due to the sheer number of patients, these volunteers will spread out to areas in dire need of extra help.

“It's an act of love and pride. We are moved. There are people from across Italy and across all age groups, that have decided to go to the frontline because this is a frontline,” shared Francesco Boccia, Minister of Regional Affairs. “Scrolling the names and birth dates brings tears because you see not only young doctors but also 80-year-olds and through this, you really understand our country at this moment.”

This selflessness carries through across the profession, no matter what country, as these healthcare heroes continue to dedicate themselves to their patients. Paying attention to their stories is another way to comprehend the gravity of COVID-19 and to understand why it's so essential to practice social distancing and flatten the curve.

So let's applaud these men and women, as well as all of the employees at essential services like pharmacies and supermarkets who put themselves in harm's way daily.

Healthcare workers are posting photos to share their experience working during the coronavirus pandemic.


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People are also applauding their loved ones for their incredible, selfless service.

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