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Complex Wooden Structure Composed of 9,076 Pieces

Part to Whole is a unique structure composed of 9,076 pieces of wood. The project, developed by HG-Architecture | LIVE COMPONENTS, was recently commissioned by the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea. The large scale installation piece is intended to visually convey the idea that larger forms are generally composed of smaller elements, firmly constructed together to make the whole.

The project statement explains: “Everything in nature is made up of components. It starts from basic components like atoms and molecules, and grows to bigger components like tissues and organs in order to construct a ‘live' body. The artificial environment is quite the same. It all starts with basic components like points and lines, and grows to surface and finally construct a space.”

The piece appears differently depending on the viewer's perspective. Concave and convex curves create unusual spaces that move in wavelike motions across the room. Visitors are invited to investigate around the exterior and to walk underneath the construction to experience the details up close.

HG-Architecture | LIVE COMPONENTS website
National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art website
via [Contemporist]

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