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Architect Teaches Herself Photography to Snap Enchanting Moments of Her Sons Growing Up

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Self-taught photographer Iwona Podlasińska is the mother of two boys, so it’s no surprise that she’d want to document their young lives thus far. But rather than snap ordinary childhood photos, Podlasińska infuses a bit of magic into her portraits—no special effects required. Instead, she captures the kids as they explore the likes of glittering, sun-soaked landscapes and blustery winter scenes, often accompanied with a furry friend or two. The results are picturesque storybook moments seemingly frozen in time.

Podlasińska is an architect by training, and she decided to learn photography once she had her oldest son. She honed her craft at night, opting to learn by shooting manually on “cheap cameras.” Now, she uses a mirrorless digital camera, but that hasn’t changed her fundamental approach to producing the idyllic pictures.

“To get meaningful photos of children I have to keep my mind focused on them,” she tells Flickr. “It’s much easier when I remind myself how I felt as a child and how I felt about the world.” The excitement and wonder they feel from exploring or discovering something new is almost palpable. Coupled with gorgeous landscapes, you’ll get swept up in these enchanting scenes.

Architect by training, Iwona Podlasińska learned photography to capture enchanting childhood photos of her two sons.

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Iwona Podlasińska: Website | Facebook | Instagram  | Flickr
h/t: [Flickr Blog]

All images via Iwona Podlasińska.

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