Brightly Colored Landscape Paintings Transmit Joy and Serenity

Colorful Landscape Paintings by Jess Franks

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Using bold colors to paint her local landscape, Jess Franks‘ vibrant art is immediately recognizable. Franks used to work as a magazine graphic designer and it's immediately apparent that this informs her ability to create eye-catching paintings. Inspired by the New England landscape, Franks turned to painting several years ago to help open up the world as she sees it—a world filled with color. Aside from collaborations with clients like Anthropologie and Minted, her highly sought work is scooped up quickly when she releases new prints.

With touches of fuchsia and aquamarine, her landscapes and flowers pop from the canvas. In fact, while her color choices may seem unusual to some, they come naturally to Franks. “I've been obsessed with color combinations since childhood, so for me, art has always been so much about developing palettes,” she tells My Modern Met. “I've found that by using those palettes in the familiar structures of landscapes, I'm able to make paintings that are unexpected, yet accessible.”

As an avid hiker, Franks finds plenty of inspiration around her. In fact, she often paints directly from photos taken on her iPhone while out in the trail. Bright and filled with joy, her canvases transport us to a different world while, at the same time, provide the comfort of a familiar space. It's easy to get lost in her bright blue skies or imagine a wander through the colorful forests.

For Frank, bringing a piece of her own serenity and happiness to others is part of what makes painting so satisfying. “The colors I use communicate what I feel when I see mountaintop views or the up-close intricacies of a flower. My collectors tell me that my paintings and prints are bright spots in their home, like windows to worlds that they can get lost in, reminders of peace and joy even when life may not currently feel those things. If I've communicated hope through my work, and viewers have sensed it, then I have succeeded.”

If you'd like your own piece of Franks' joy, you can shop for prints and originals via her website. Franks also has notebooks, pillows, wrapping paper and much more available in her collection on Minted.

Jess Franks is known for her bold, colorful landscape and floral paintings.
Colorful Landscape Paintings by Jess Franks

Colorful Landscape Paintings by Jess Franks

Flower Painting by Jess Franks

She often paints directly from photos she takes on her iPhone while hiking.

Contemporary Landscape Painting by Jess Franks

Colorful Landscape Paintings by Jess Franks

Colorful Landscape Paintings by Jess Franks

Colorful Landscape Paintings by Jess Franks

Acrylic Painting by Jess Franks

Her originals, usually painted with acrylics, and prints are highly sought after by collectors.


Jess Franks Painting a Canvas

Jess Franks Art

Jess Franks: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Minted

My Modern Met granted permission to feature photos by Jess Franks.

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