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Artist Condenses Big Ideas into Intricate Mini Paintings


Artist Karen Libecap demonstrates that tiny paintings can house some pretty big ideas. In fact, artwork the size of a quarter can be just as beautiful as a giant mural that takes up the side of a building. Using a precise set of tools and a steady hand, the painter illustrates subjects that are impressively detailed. From a lion with a luscious mane to a detailed grand piano, Libecap has the ability to create mini versions of any organic and inanimate subjects.

“I have always been in awe of the colors and shapes that surround me and try to capture that in a photo-realistic approach,” the creative says. This photorealistic technique most definitely helps her to produce pieces that play with light, shadows, and various shades of color. Yet, no matter what the subject or source of inspiration, Libecap continually manages to make her minuscule works look like masterpieces.

2libecap13libecap24libecap35libecap46libecap57Mini28Mini39libecap610Mini511Mini912Mini1513Mini614Mini715Mini1016Mini1217Mini1418Mini13Karen Libecap: Website | Facebook | Etsy | Instagram

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