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Cubed Slovakian Lodge Stands on a Corner in the High Tatra Mountains

The proposed Kemarsk Hut by architecture firm Atelier 8000 is a unique take on the typical lodge, as its incredible structure looks like a cube that's been rotated onto one of its corners. This concept was created for an international competition aimed at designing a building for the High Tatra Mountains of Slovakia. 

The lodge is intended as a year-round, sustainable dwelling for high-terrain adventurers. Its exteriors are subdivided into square panels of reflective materials that include aluminum, glass, and photovoltaics. From any vantage point, three sides of the building are visible, and an elevated patio wraps around two of its faces. This provides outdoor dining during warmer temperatures.

Once inside, guests of the Kemarsk Hut can take advantage of its cozy space. The structure is comprised of glue-laminated timber beams with similar wood finishes featured throughout. Its unusual orientation provides intimate corners where people can relax and enjoy the gorgeous views outside.

Atelier 8000 website
via [designboom]

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