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Photographer Mom Dresses Napping Baby Daughter in Adorable Pop Culture-Inspired Costumes

For many new parents, a baby’s fleeting moments of slumber are a valuable opportunity to play catch-up on their own lives: work, cleaning, and most importantly, sleep. Photographer Laura Izumikawa Choi uses her daughter Joey’s nap time as a way to exercise her own creativity. While Joey lays peacefully in her crib, Choi transforms her into a bevy of different celebrities and colorful characters.

Using wigs, stuffed animals, and even waffles, Choi dresses Joey in costumes that celebrate popular culture. Television, music, and sporting events are her guide as Joey becomes miniature versions of Beyoncé, Pikachu, and Han Solo, as well as Eleven from Stranger Things and Ariel from The Little Mermaid. Every tiny garment and baby-sized prop looks adorable on Joey, who impressively stays asleep during the entire production.

It was her daughter’s deep slumber that first inspired Choi to start the playful project. “I thought it’d be fun adding little props on her just to send some hilarious pictures to our parents,” she explained to The Huffington Post. “It was a way to memorialize her growth and little milestones.” Choi wants it to be something Joey can look fondly on later in her life, too. “I really hope she’ll see the photos and videos in the future and have a good laugh. Hopefully she’ll see how loved she was.”

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via [The Huffington Post]

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