Hairless Guinea Pig Strikes an Adorable Pose with His Tasty Treats

Ludwik the naked guinea pig is an adorable companion to his human, Agata Nowacka. However, when they first met at a pet shop in Poland, Ludwik wasn't well. On top of being sick with pneumonia, the tiny guinea pig was also suffering from untreated conjunctivitis and a fungal infection. After Nowacka adopted the poorly creature, it took around six months to nurse her little friend back to health. Once he was feeling better, Ludwik's human began to notice his absolutely adorable (and photogenic) personality. It was really only a matter of time before he had his his very own Instagram account.

On Instagram, Ludwik takes the time to pose next to some of his favorite (and not-so-favorite) foods. “He seems to enjoy his photo session, and sometimes he even falls asleep, so I think he feels very comfortable,” Nowacka told The Dodo. What's perhaps most adorable about Ludwik are the expressions on his face, which reveal exactly how he feels about the food items that are placed before him.

Though he may not love all the food he sees, a lot has changed for the guinea pig. “When I first saw him at that pet store he was so poor and so skinny,” Nowacka reveals. “He didn't look like chubby Ludwik from Instagram photos.” Luckily, Ludwik is now living a happy, healthy life full of interesting foods and refreshing naps.

Ludwik trying his best to camouflage himself:

So many M&Ms, so little time!

Broccoli may not taste amazing, but at least it's fun to stand on.

Mangoes are, apparently, the key to happiness.

Ludwik is suspicious of donuts:

You can use a can opener… or your teeth.

Ludwik versus a pear:

Uh-oh… Ludwik is not in the mood for greens.

This is one guinea pig who will turn up his nose at a cherry on top.

“This is nice and all, but these blueberries are blocking my view.”

It looks as though Ludwik is going to have to shuck that corn himself:

The great thing about vegetables is that they can double as chew toys.

Bananas: you can eat them OR you can use them as a paw rest.

This is the definition of adorable:

Ludwik: Instagram
via [The Dodo]

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