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A Floating Sea of Colorful Umbrellas

Just Sometimes… is an installation by UK-based artist Luke Jerram, in which more than 1,000 umbrellas bob along the Rotterdam canal in a floating swirl of visual sensations. The sea of colorful umbrellas was placed along the canal, temporarily, as a part of the Witte de With Festival. In the piece, the basic functions of an umbrella are literally flipped around as the tops of the protective devices touch the water in upside-down interactions.

The haphazard placement and the unpredictability of the objects suggest a passing moment of spontaneity. It's like a crowd of people discovered that it stopped raining, that the sun was shining brightly, and that they could quickly and easily ditch their umbrellas in the water! The bright, sunshine-inspired palettes of oranges and yellows represent an energetic vibe that viewers can observe and reflect upon. Jerram says, “Like a bunch of flowers presented as a gift, or fireworks on an autumn night, maybe ‘Just Sometimes' it's ok to create something that is simply beautiful that makes the public smile?” When the installation was removed, the artist handed out the umbrellas to passing pedestrians and, as a result, hints of orange and yellow will frequently be spotted on rainy days along the city streets.

Many of Jerram's pieces involve public interactions, whether it's stumbling upon a sea of umbrellas or it's reflecting on the vibrations of sound, produced by winds blowing through sculptural pipes.

Luke Jerram's website
Witte de With Festival website
via [My Darkened Eyes]

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